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Mark Jansen Guita​r S​tudio

Learn Right, Learn for Life.

B2 Songs:

Song 01 - Lying Eyes - sung by Jason Derbyshire (44)

Mark Jansen Guitar Studio: B2 Song 01

Jason Derbyshire (44) Playing and singing "Lying Eyes" after 28 Guitar Lessons

Song 02 - Closing Time - sung by Tate Robinson (13)

Mark Jansen Guitar Studio B2: 02 - Closing Time

Tate Robinson (13) Singing and Playing "Closing Time" after 38 Guitar Lessons

Song 05 - Boulevard of Broken Dreams - sung by Logan Cunningham (11) 

Mark Jansen Guitar Studio: B2 Song 5: Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Logan Cunningham (11) singing Boulevard of Broken Dreams after 24 Guitar Lessons

Song 08: It's so Easy - Sung by James Barnett (10)

Mark Jansen Guitar Studio: Beginner Guitar B2 08

James Barnett (10) singing and playing "It's so Easy" after 27 Guitar Lessons

B2 Song 15: Stand by me - sung by Jaime Kingi (19)

Mark Jansen Guitar Studio: B2 15 - Stand by me

Jaime Kingi (19) singing and Playing, Stand by me after 32 Guitar Lessons

B2 Song 20: Superman - Sung by Cam Dyer (11)

Mark Jansen Guitar Studio: Song B2 20 - Superman

Cam Dyer (11) Singing and playing Superman after 35 Guitar lessons