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Mark Jansen Guita​r S​tudio

Learn Right, Learn for Life.

Guitar Students:

Song: Time of your Life, GreenDay

B2: 26 Time of your Life 2014

Valentino Monopoli (11) singing and playing, Time of your Life, by GreenDay.

Song: Wish you well, Bernard Fanning

Mark Jansen Guitar Studio: Bass: Niko Barton (11) Wish you well

Bass Song, Wish you well, Bernard Fanning. Niko Barton after 25 Bass Guitar Lessons

B3 Songs:

Song 04 - A Team, Ed Sheran

Mark Jansen Guitar Studio: B3: A Team, Gabby Lovell (11)

Gabby Lovell singing and playing A Team, by Ed Sheeran. after 2 and a half years lessons.

A2 Songs:

Song 11 - Listen to the Music

Mark Jansen Guitar Studio: Advanced Guitar A2 11 - Ben.wmv

Ben Karalus (14) singing and playing "Listen to the Music" after 3 years Guitar Lessons