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Professional guitar teacher Mark Jansen has been teaching guitar for over 28 years and in this time has developed an amazingly simple and effective way of teaching you to play guitar using an easy to follow, weekly step-by-step method. 
Guitar lessons are taught from Mark's comfortable studio in his home, or at your home live on Zoom.
Spaces are limited so contact Mark now to book your lessons.
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Teaching Yourself

If you prefer to teach yourself, free lessons are available to get you started

and further step-by-step lessons and lesson packages with lessons and instructional videos are available for purchase.

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I Started learning Guitar a few years ago (then aged 48) I tried the self taught method, but gaining any momentum was a struggle. I've been going to Mark now for two years (but only 35 Lessons) and like his teaching style - it suits my learning persona.
I previously tried some other tutors but found their styles a bit "song focused" rather than learning. Mark's method is based around a solid platform on which you can grow and develop; or in other words, a step by step process - a bit like building blocks. Anyhow, I've found I've progressed from playing guitar for my own enjoyment in my own home, to now having the confidence to expand my playing environment.
Thanks Mark. Daryl Page (50)

I started playing guitar over five years ago simply because it was something I wanted to be better at than my older sister, but being taught by Mark turned it into much more than that. It sounds weird but every Thursday for four and a half years I left the studio feeling the contentment of having learnt something, not just a song or music theory either - often it was some funny story that just made me laugh. Mark taught in an effective way that was easy to understand yet challenging and really good fun and if I had the choice, I’d go back in a heartbeat.
Nearly six years on from my first lesson and guitar is a huge part my life – I’m jamming to my own beat and loving every minute.
Cheers Mark! - Ben Watson (19), taught from 2005-late 2009, Christchurch, NZ

I have been at Mark Jansen Guitar Studio for two and a half years, I look forward to Mark's lessons every week. He teaches me heaps and is very funny. He does some very good Ronan Keating impressions!!!
Justin Slierendrecht, guitarist 🙂 13 years old.
Nelson, NZ

I am 53 and have been banging away at home for years trying to learn guitar. I looked at books and tried some teachers to improve. I could not make sense of the notes or tabs and other teachers basically taught me songs rather than how to play.
I recommend Mark as a teacher who is able to play guitar. I have been a student for 6 months and when I have a lesson, Mark is able to evaluate my skill at that point and progressively layer more skill sets. I used to say I am learning guitar but in 6 months I now say I'm a guitarist.
I am excited about how this increased skill is impacting my song writing.
Robert, Nelson NZ

Contact Mark

NZ  027 547 3646

Aus  04 7814 7877

[email protected]

78 Forest Drive
Elanora 4221
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