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I am a Professional Guitar Tutor with 28 years experience. I started teaching guitar part-time in 1991 in Banks Peninsula, Canterbury.  In 1997 I started teaching full-time in the Nelson and Tasman Districts.

I aim to consolidate my motto - Learn Right, Learn for Life - by providing the best guitar tuition possible. Whether you come to my studio, engage in live online Zoom lessons,  or buy online lesson packages, you will get the highest standard of tuition.
With 950 past and over 45 current students, Mark Jansen Guitar Studio's teaching method will work for you.

0.5 hour lesson - NZ$38
5 lessons - NZ$180
10 lessons - NZ$350

Feeling rushed in your Lessons? Mark also offer's 45 and 60 minute lesson times. Ask him today.

Spaces are limited so contact me now to book your lessons.

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Flexible Lessons

Guitar lessons are taught either from my studio which is a pleasant, warm and friendly environment in which to learn or at your home live on Zoom.

Recorded video lessons are also available, two are FREE HERE.
Lesson times vary to suit students and are usually on weekdays between 10am and 8pm.
Lessons are usually taken individually but can be in a group depending on ability, availability of similarly skilled students, and your preference. Generally, group sizes are no more than five but there may be exceptions with student agreement. Group lessons are adjusted and priced according to group size.
Music Theory group classes are also available from time to time.

Student Focused

Students always come first and my lessons are tailored to suit your requirements. Everybody learns at different speeds and different teaching styles are required to give the student the best guitar tuition. All lessons are designed and formatted by me to best suit your learning style. When you attend lessons at my Nelson studio, lessons are not rigid and fixed but dynamic and flexible to suit your individual learning needs.

I have taught 4 adult students who learnt to teach guitar. They started their tuition with me and progressed to a level of competence and skill such that they became self-employed tutors themselves.
Learning guitar from me is not like learning at school!

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027 547 3646

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78 Forest Drive
Elanora 4221
Gold Coast