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Mark Jansen Guita​r S​tudio

Learn Right, Learn for Life.

About Mark Jansen

Welcome to the Mark Jansen Guitar Studio. I have been guitar teaching for over 28 years, I started teaching Guitar part-time in 1991 in Banks Peninsula, Canterbury. In 1997 I started teaching full-time in the Nelson and Tasman Districts.

  • Guitar Lessons are taught from my comfortable Studio, at home, or at your home live on Zoom. Recorded video lessons are also available, two are here FREE. My studio is a pleasant, warm and friendly environment to learn in.
  • Students always come first and lessons are tailored to suit your requirements. All lessons are designed and formatted by me to best suit your learning style.
  • I am a Professional Guitar Tutor, with 28 years experience. I look to consolidate my motto by providing the best Guitar tuition possible. Whether you come to my studio, buy online lesson packages, or Zoom lessons live online you will get a very high standard of tuition.
  • Lesson times vary to suit students; mostly weekdays 10am to 8pm
  • All Students are treated equally, whether they are beginners, intermediate, or advanced, child or adult.
  • Realistically priced lessons to suit most budgets. (costs are between $30.00 and $33.00 per half hour lesson) (5 lesson discount, $160, $32 a lesson / 10 lesson discount $300, $30 a lesson)

Everybody learns at different speeds and different styles of teaching are required to give the student the best guitar tuition. When you attend lessons at the Mark Jansen Guitar Studio, lessons are not rigid, but are flexible to suit your individual needs.

Lessons are mostly taken individually, but can be in a group situation depending on ability and availability of similar skilled students and your preference.

Generally, group sizes are restricted to no more than five students - there may be exceptions with student agreement. Music Theory group classes are also available from time to time. Group lessons are adjusted and priced according to group size.

I have trained 3 students to teach guitar. They started their tuition with me, to a level of competence and skill such that they have progressed to become self-employed tutors themselves. Learning guitar from me is not like learning at school!

Lessons are tailored to suit. With 600 past and more than 40 current students Mark Jansen Guitar Studio method is likely to be very suitable for you. Now back in Nelson and online Zoom lessons available. 

The "Mark Jansen Guitar Method" is now available in online video lessons, Try Lesson One today. Then try LESSON TWO: PDF books are also available, so if you have moved away, you can continue from where you left off, or start as a complete beginner.

 Mark Jansen's Nelson Guitar Studio specializes in "one-on-one" tuition. He has developed an easy to follow weekly step-by-step method. 

This successful method is being published as a complete home based learning system. Try Lesson One NOW. Within the web based system this unique "one-on-one" system will be almost as beneficial as a personal lesson with Mark. Broken down into easily explained steps and on-screen graphics, and if you practice these steps, you WILL learn to play the guitar.


Mark Jansen


10 Ngati Rarua Street

Richmond, NELSON 7020

Hours: Weekdays 10am to 8pm

Sat & Sun, School & Public holidays: Closed


Owl City